Wellness & Beauty Appointments

ClassPass · Design Lead

ClassPass, the world's largest health club aggregator, made most of its revenue from fitness class bookings, like yoga, pilates & boxing. Wellness and beauty services, such as manicures, massages and haircuts were the next frontier of growth.

As Product Design Lead, I conducted user testing, facilitated interaction design, UI design, and prototyping, oversaw the engineer handoff, paired with the PM on product strategy.


We identified that the challenge we had to solve first was that wellness schedules did not map well onto the way search results were presented in the app. Whereas fitness venues would typically have a low number of time slots per day (e.g. 6), wellness venues would have many more appointment slots per day (e.g. 30) across multiple different services (e.g. men’s haircut, women’s haircut, blowout). This resulting overwhelming number of combinations made search result listings for wellness services very hard to explore and kept partner from making more services available on the platform.

I outlined the booking flow before start of this project which incorporated major areas of opportunity (summarized)

I audited several other products that handled appointments (summarized)

Search listing early directions


We decided to group services by venue. This solution allowed us to reduce the amount of list items in a way that worked for both our fitness classes and the new wellness services. It reduced the scope significantly while delivering an improved experience for all users. Sorting by venue instead of time also meant we can now actively recommend specific venues to our users by controlling the list sort. I both facilitated and supported extensive user testing and collaborated with engineering leads on many iterations before starting to build.

To further improve the wellness and beauty booking experience I lead the design on service and time selection as follow up projects.


During several months we rolled out the new search listing to specific cohorts. The booking rates were slightly better than the time sorted listing. This was a success because our platform was now able to scale up to a vastly larger array of services. The service menu increased conversion rate for wellness appointments significantly.